Yonex PT8 Deluxe

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Yonex PT8 Deluxe Stringing Machine.



Our Description

High volume stringing machine for a busy club or a large store.

Yonex PT8 Deluxe Stringing Machine

YONEX STRINGING TEAM Worldwide support to the world’s top players.
The Yonex Stringing Team is proud to support the world’s top players at the major tournaments. Our stringers work constantly during every tournament making sure that players’ racquets are precisely strung so they perform at their best.

Yonex’s high-performance PT8 Deluxe stringing machine is specially made to meet the demands of the world-class Yonex Stringing Team. The machine allows highly-skilled technicians to string with the utmost of accuracy so players can compete at their highest level at tournaments. The new PT8 Deluxe features design improvements focusing on the four elements critical to carrying out high-quality stringing.

Aero Cover sold separately and is not included with the stringing machine.

There is a waiting list for these machines. Please allow 4 months lead time for delivery.

Does not ship outside of Canada.

Payment options

Wire transfer. We do not accept cheques, credit cards or bank drafts for this item.


– The conductivity of the touchscreen has been adjusted to prevent malfunctions.
– The system has added an option to set tension in 0.5kg increments while retaining the 0.2kg option from the previous model, allowing for even more precise stringing.
– A rail placed under the work table creates a practical storage space for reels of string.
– Aero Cover (sold separately) can be applied over the computer unit offering protection, and conveniently expanding storage space.
– The PT8 Deluxe features an upgraded clamp, with a thinner, shorter, and more ergonomic design. The new clamp design prevents clamps from overlapping and allows stringers to clamp closer to the racquet frame when tensioning.
– The PT8 Deluxe features an upgraded clamp, with a thinner, shorter, and more ergonomic design. The new clamp design prevents clamps from overlapping and allows stringers to clamp closer to the racquet frame when tensioning.
– The drum has been reduced and positioned closer to the turntable to reduce the amount of string used, improving stringing efficiency.

Shipping Specifications

Size: Approx. 1050mm (W) x 500mm (D) x 1080-1270mm (H)
Weight: Approx. 56kg/123lb

Price includes shipping within Canada.

Item Codes

Machine: PT8DXW
Aero Cover: PT8DXC

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Product Details

ESW 57 kg
ESD 127 × 110 × 50 cm



Item Type

Special Order Item


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