Babolat Pure Drive Jr 25 Tennis Racquet

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Babolat ™ Pure Drive Junior 25 Tennis Racquet

The Brand

Babolat is a French company that has been around since 1875, when Pierre Babolat created the first strings made of natural gut. In 1994, Babolat expanded beyond strings to become a total racquet sports company whose products are used by professional players in a variety of racquet sports.

Babolat Logo
Est. 1875

The Series

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Babolat offers four different racquet series of tennis racquets. The Pure Aero series emphasizes spin. The Pure Strike series emphasizes control. The Pure Drive series emphasizes power. And the Drive series emphasizes cost effectiveness.

Everything in the Pure Drive series of tennis racquets is geared toward the comfortable and effortless production of power. This is reflected in the shapes of the beams, the positioning of the grommets, the movements of the strings, and other details.

The Pure Drive series consists of eight different racquets of varying weights and sizes. The Pure Drive VS and the Pure Drive Tour are for singles players are the advanced and elite levels. The Pure Drive and the Pure Drive Team are all-purpose racquets for adults while the Pure Drive Lite and the Pure Drive Super Light are for juniors. Two other racquets in the series — the Pure Drive 107 and the Pure Drive 110 — are doubles racquets.

Our Description

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Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet

Pure Drive Junior tennis racquets are performance racquets for children. They are available in two length/grip size options.

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Online Offer

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Customers who purchase select premium Yonex, Babolat or Tecnifibre tennis racquets online are offered

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How to String this Racquet

How we string this racquet will depend on the size, weight and skill of the child. In most cases, a synthetic or multifilament string will be suitable for both the child and the racquet.

Under no circumstances would we suggest stringing either version of this racquet with poly or co-poly strings. The frame is not suitable nor is this string category suitable for children who would use it.

Racquet Specifications

Babolat Pure Drive Jr Tennis Racquet 25 inch Specifications Table

Racquet Technologies

Cortex Pure Feel

Technology Illustration
Babolat Cortex Pure Feel Tennis Racquet Technology

Cortex Pure Feel Powered by SMAC has taken Babolat’s signature anti-vibration technology to the next level. SMAC is an innovative French aerospace company that specializes in vibration analysis and reduction. If you have flown in a modern airliner, you have benefited from the same anti-vibration expertise that SMAC has applied to Babolat’s premium tennis racquets. Most recently, Babolat has incorporated SMACWRAP┬« technology to develop Cortex Pure Feel. This vibration dampening technology is placed in the head of the racquet to enhance feel and comfort.

FSI Power

Technology Illustration
Babolat Frame String Interaction Tennis Racquet Technology – Drive Series

FSI is an acronym for Frame String Interaction. In Babolat’s racquet technology universe, FSI is a major issue. In the newest Drive series of tennis racquets, Babolat has shifted the string placement to provide more density where it is needed. They have also tweaked the shapes of the grommets to provide an improved sweet spot that helps on all shots, including off-center hits. The combination of technologies is branded by Babolat as FSI Power.

GT Technology

Babolat GT Tennis Racquet Technology Logo
Technology Illustration
Babolat GT Tennis Racquet Technology

Babolat’s GT Technology combines high density carbon fibers, giving the racquet head optimum strength which translates to greater power and increased control on any shots hit with maximum power.

Woofer System

Technology Illustration
Babolat Woofer Tennis Racquet Technology

Babolat’s Woofer System Technology increases the ball’s dwell time on the string bed. More dwell time means more opportunities to manipulate the ball with either spin and/or energy. As a result players who have spin and/or power have more opportunities to use that spin and/or power.

Elliptic Beam

Technology Illustration
Babolat Elliptic Beam Racquet Technology

Elliptical frame shape offers high resistance to twisting and bending for optimal power.

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Junior Performance

Game Group

Singles & Doubles

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Grip Size

Head Size

100 sq in (645 sq cm)



Frame Flex

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