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This online option was set up for frequent players who know exactly what they want. It offers multiple options for string, tension, and overgrip. This option allows frequent stringers to drop off and pick up quickly, without having to stop and chat.

The calibration of our tennis racquet stringing machine is checked daily. We digitally record most custom stringing jobs as part of our quality assurance process. The videos are posted on our YouTube channel. Customers who request it, can also have their stringing videos posted on Instagram to share with their friends.

We are Racquet Stringing Experts

Our Master Stringers are trained by the US Racquet Stringer’s Association.
Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team.
In 2017, members of the Racquet Network custom stringing team were invited to string at the Canadian Open Badminton Championships in Calgary.
In 2018, we strung racquets for professionals at the National Bank Challenger Event in Calgary.

Yonex Stringing Team

Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team. We are invited to string at elite tennis and badminton events. While we cannot attend every event we are invited to, we do our best to help out when such events are in Alberta.

56 reviews for Custom Tennis Racquet Stringing

  1. QI B (verified owner)

    Very good service. Very fast. Reasonable price.

  2. Chai Quon (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable staff. Coach Brent helped me pick the right string and did not try to upsell me. I will be back again in the future.

  3. Shawn Truscott

    I got back from holidays with all of my strings broken in all of my racquets. I went in to Raquet Network at 2:00 and dropped all 4 off. Then checked my email at about 7:30 and got noticed that they were all ready for pickup.

  4. Peter S.

    Excellent service again as always guys. I appreciate it. See you next month.

  5. Kirk S.

    So fast. So cheap. I love the online option. It saves me time and money.

  6. Eva Y. (verified owner)

    Thank you for the fast service. I have never waited more than a day for my racquet once in the past six years.

  7. Donny D. (verified owner)

    I would strongly recommend this place – The Raquet Network. They have all the best string on reels so everything is less expansive. And they are really fast. Almost always next day its done.

  8. Jeromy T. (verified owner)

    Excellent advice and superfast. I will be back. Thank you.

  9. Jarod Krisp (verified owner)

    Absolutely blown away. Best service ever. They had the string I wanted and believe me it is not a common string. They had the gague I wanted. And it was all done before we finished lunch. The time on my receipt said 11:41 a.m.. I got an email saying it was done at 12:13 p.m.. We were still in Tim Hortons and not even done eating yet. I will definitely be back.

  10. Mateo D. (verified owner)

    This is the best place for racket stringing. Hands down!!! Strongly recommend.

  11. JD Arding (verified owner)

    I am totally happy with my experence hear with raquet stringing. It was so fast I almost could not believe my eyes.

  12. DY (verified owner)

    Very fast service. I bring my rackets for one week and got it bak from the store on the same day but just a few hours later. The only thing im not so happy about is that they would not use the string I bot on the reel from alibaba.

    • Racquet Network (verified owner)

      Hey Darren. You are correct. We do not install outside string. We install strings that customers purchase from us. We are happy to hear that you are please with turnaround. Your racquet was checked in at 3:13pm. You paid for one week turnaround. We emailed to let you know that it was ready just 47 minutes later. This happens sometimes but it is not guaranteed.

  13. Carlos S. (verified owner)

    I bought string on Tennis Warhouse that I got on a really good deal and they would not use it. They said I had to buy string from them. So I went somewhere else.

    • Racquet Network (verified owner)

      Sorry Carlos. You can’t bring your own hamburger patties to McDonalds. You can’t bring your own oil to Mr Lube. We are in the racquet stringing business. We offer over 150 different kinds of string. We install strings in racquets for customers who purchase the string from us. We do not offer the service you are looking for.

  14. Wilbur R. (verified owner)

    This was much faster service than I expected. I brought my racquet in at 4:10 pm on Saturday. I got an email saying it was done at 4:48. I picked it up today at 10:10. I was surprised because I paid the lowest rate which is for one week service and got it back in less than 24 hours and the price was completely reasonable at $27.30. So I am more than happy to give a five star review.

  15. Dennis J. (verified owner)

    I love the new prices, guys. This is awesome. Still the best and getting better. I will be telling everyone I know.

  16. Manny V. (verified owner)

    I have nine rackets so I am never in a hurry but you guys are always fast anyway. I can’t remember the last time I had to wait more than a day to get my rackets back. Five stars for sure. This time and everytime.

  17. Denis S. (verified owner)

    Wow. Fast. Nice. Thanks

  18. Cameron P. (verified owner)

    I went here because I heard you were fast. I also heard you were expensive which made me nervous. But it wasn’t expensive at all. I paid just as much as I normally would have had to except maybe not as much and it was fast. I came in on Sunday morning. I paid for one week and I got it back the same day.

    • Racquet Network (verified owner)

      Hey Cameron. Thanks for the review. FYI our one week service is actually one-week-or-less. In other words, it might take a week. But it usually takes less. With this service, however, we can only guarantee one-week or less. If we get stacked up during tournaments or due to staff holidays, it can take up to a week.

  19. Josh W. (verified owner)

    Impressive, friendly service. Went in yesterday with a friend. We dropped our tennis racquets off and then went for lunch. Before we were done eating, we both got emails on our phones saying our racquets were done even though we paid for one week service. I will be sure to tell all my friends about you guys. That was way better service than we expected.

  20. Duane Zylak (verified owner)

    I brought my racquet in Friday for custom stringing. I paid for one week turn around and got it back that afternoon. You guys are the best. Thank you again.

    • Racquet Network (verified owner)

      You are welcome, Duane. Since it was a long weekend, we thought we would get it done ASAP. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  21. Belinda West (verified owner)

    Thank you. My son was playing in a tournament this weekend. He broke a string at 9:00 pm on Friday night. We were at your store when it opened at 10:00 am on Saturday. Your racquet tech fixed the racquet in 20 minutes. My son was able to use his favourite racquet for his match at 11:00 am. Once again, Racquet Network saves the day. We are so grateful.

  22. Terri (verified owner)

    Excellent service. I will certainly be back. I dropped by racquet off on Saturday morning and paid for one week service. Three hours later I got an email saying my racquet was ready. I honestly can’t ask for more than than. Thank you.

  23. Igor K. (verified owner)

    I came in on Saturday on my way to my match but there were so many people in the store I could see that I would late for my match. So after my match I went home and did the advance order thing on the website. Then I my dropped it off on her way to work on Monday. I got it back on Monday evening. So this is just great. I really like the new system and will be in to buy shoes with my discount shortly.

    • Racquet Network Staff (verified owner)

      Happy to know that you are happy, Igor. Just to avoid a problem later, we should point out that the review you submitted was for RACQUET REPAIRS. So the discount code you were sent will be applicable to purchases in the racquet repairs category. If you want a discount code for shoes, you will have to submit a review for something in the SHOES category. We were forced to institute this policy last year when somebody submitted a review on a $9.00 grip and then used his discount coupon to save $55.00 on a customized smart racquet. We don’t mind giving discounts to regular customers, but we don’t want to be taken advantage of. We hope you understand and agree.

  24. M. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Wow. I used the new review-for-discont system for the 1st time yesterday. Very slick. Five stars guys.

  25. Michael Chong (verified owner)

    I feel bad for giving you four stars the last time I was in. I did not know that I could preorder through the website. This time I did that though. I also used the discount code I got from my last review. This time I was in and out in less than a minute on drop off and on pick up the next day. On top I saved the discount which worked out to just under $16.00 on both of my racquets. So this time you get five stars. Honestly I would give you six to make up for it but I can’t do that.

    • Racquet Network Staff (verified owner)

      No worries, Michael. There are two kinds of customer feedback. The kind that makes you mad and the kind that makes you better. Your feedback here fits into the latter category. The system has been in place for a long time, but almost nobody was using it. Now people are starting to use it, which makes life easier for our staff and everything quicker for our customers. Thanks again for the kick in the pants.

  26. Michael Chong (verified owner)

    Two thumbs up. Very fast. But it took forever to do the paperwork when I came in. You need to fix that if you want five stars from me.

    • Racquet Network (verified owner)

      Fair point, Michael. We will work on that.

      UPDATE: Based on your feedback, we have upgraded our systems to allow you (and others) to pre-order online and just drop your racquets off in-store. While this system has been in place for more than a year, we weren’t doing a very good job of reminding regular customers that it was an option. The new language makes it clear that customers who want to be in-and-out quickly can pre-order through the website. Hope that meets your requirements.

  27. Sally McLellan (verified owner)

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have some time to spend with your families over The Holidays. Thank you so much for your support over 2016. With three kids involved in squash, tennis and badminton, it really helps to have your expert assistance not to mention all the coupons and other discounts you offer to regular customers. On that subject, I really want to give you kudos for this new way of rewarding customers for posting website reviews. We seem to be in your store every month buying shoes or racquets or string or something for the kids. So the coupons that we get for giving you our feedback helps us a lot. I suspect it will also help other parents, too, when they read the reviews from other families. So once again: kudos to everyone and all the best in 2017.

    • Racquet Network Staff (verified owner)

      Merry Christmas to you and the kids, too, Sally. We appreciate your business and are looking forward to your product reviews. Yes, they will help other families. But they will help us, too, because we make our decisions about the brands and products we carry based on customer feedback. Brands or products that don’t create satisfied customers are discontinued. Those that do, are featured more prominently.

  28. J Dick (verified owner)

    I take my racquets in lots of times a year. I always get them back fast. This place is excellent. I recommend it to all my friends.

  29. Natasha Olaf (verified owner)

    Was good experience but I only give four stars because it was a little slow. I took in on Sunday and it was not ready till Thursday. I expected it sooner.

    • Racquet Network Staff (verified owner)

      Hi Natasha. We are sorry you are less than entirely happy, but thank you for the four star rating. You brought your racquet in on Sunday. You paid for guaranteed one-week turnaround. You picked your racquet up four days later on Thursday. If you want it back faster next time, you have the option of jumping ahead of other people in line by paying for guaranteed one-day turnaround. In the past five years, we have met the one-day turnaround option 100% of the time.

  30. Blake Williams (verified owner)

    I am very happy that you guys decided to offer a satisfaction guarantee this summer. I was able to use it to try a bunch of new strings that I would never have tried otherwise. Thank you. You were always the best racquet store in Calgary. Now your even better in my eyes.

  31. Ruth MacPherson (verified owner)

    We have a summer home with a tennis court in the Shuswap. My son and his friends play tennis every day all summer long. Once every two weeks we drive into Calgary and drop racquets off to be repaired at Racquet Network. At the end of the day we pick them up on our way back home. They have never failed us. Not even once.

  32. KW Donaldson (verified owner)

    I collect and restore old tennis rackets. I have nearly 200 rackets in my collection. The staff at The Racket Network are always very helpful in helping me track down parts and string regardless of the type of racket. And they can always figure out how to string it, even the old wooden ones. Thank you to everyone.

  33. Frank Lee (verified owner)

    The guys here is very well and nice to. Smart about strings and very fact to. I comeback lots.

  34. Chip T. (verified owner)

    Wicked service. Wicked selection. I will be back often.

  35. Maro the Magnificent

    Excellent service. Thank you. I brought my tennis racket in yesterday. I paid for one week service expecting it to take a week. Less than four hours later I got an email saying my racket was ready. Needless to say I was very impressed.

  36. Eduardo W

    Hey guys. Great work on the racquet. It’s perfect. I haven’t had a racquet strung this well since I left Houston. I will be back.

  37. John Cornwyn

    I have to say I am extremly impressed. I placed my order through the website in the morning. I dropped the racquet off very quickly at lunch hour. My racquet was ready after work. I picked up on the way to the courts for my game. Everthing was great. I was in the store for less than one minute total. Very nice.

  38. Danilor

    I brought my 20-year-old racquet in for re-stringing last week. I played with it twice after getting it back and the string broke again. So I took it back. The technician showed me exactly why my strings broke where they did . (The old plastic gromats are breaking down and starting to crack.). He warned me that it was likely to happen again and again unless I buy a new racquet with new gromats. In the meantime he replaced a bunch of the gromats for me and upgraded me to one hour stringing so that I would be able to play again tonight. I’m not happy that my strings broke so soon, but I understand why and I can see that it was not Racquet Network’s fault. The fact that they helped me understand what happened and fixed my problem so fast was competely fair, even if it did cost me $35.00. When I do buy a new racquet, it will definitely be here. Thank you.

  39. Sarah

    I bought a pink racquet at Sports Check and I wanted pink string. They didn’t have it but the guy said to go to Racquet Networks. So I did and you did have pink string. I’m so excited. My new racquet is so gorgeous thanks to you guys. Thank you so much.

  40. Bernie Nicholson

    Love the natural gut strings. I see why its the king of string. And thanks for the super fast service. I paid for one week, but it was ready the same day. Very nice. I’ll be telling all my friends for sure.

  41. Gene Underwood

    Superb service. Thank you.

  42. Li Liung

    I brought in my old Prince raket which had been sitting in my closet for the past 20 years. Your staff were very helpful and gave me great advise about fixing it. I will definitely be back to buy a new raket next week. Thank you so, so much for helping me with this.

  43. Ahmed

    Not happy. You guys are robbers. I paid 40 bucks to get my racket strung. The strings broke the fifth or sixth time I used it. I called the store to explain it to the guy but he said I couldn’t get a warranty. He said there was a time limit of two weeks. But that shouldn’t count because I barely used it. Not fair!!!! You suck.

    Management response – We offer a two-week warranty on labour. One of the conditions is that customers bring the racquet into the store for examination. You attempted to make a warranty claim by phone more than six months after the work was done. Nevertheless, we did offer to upgrade you to one-hour service for no extra charge, but you declined. If you wish to reconsider, please let us know.

    For more info on warranties, please see our RACQUET SERVICE POLICES.

  44. Belinda S

    I had a match scheduled for 7:30 at South Glenmore Park, but I got stuck in rush hour traffic. So I called the store and told the lady that I was running behind. She offered to wait until I got there so I could pick up my racquet. Thank you so much.

  45. Elsie & Brittany

    The lady stringer in your store is amazing. My daughter broke her strings during warm up at the tournament in Oakridge. I ran it to your store. The lady fixed it and brought it to us at the tennis courts in less than 30 minutes. My daughter immediately switched racquets, regained her confidence and won her match. You made her day — and mine, too. Thank you so much from both of us.

  46. Wanda Robertson

    First time here. I was really impressed that the woman who strung my racquet was a tennis coach. She was able to help me pick a string that I really like. I will definately be back.

  47. Brad B

    This place is the shit. It has strings and everything. But the owner is a dick.

    Management response — Five stars and two curse words in the same review. Nice work, Brad. We owe you one, buddy.

  48. Lee C.

    Service was super fast but I was not impressed that I had to pay more just because I brought in string I bought at Sport Chek. It’s not my fault that Sport Chek takes two weeks to string a tennis racquet.

    Management response – Customers who buy their string from us pay less for labour. Since we sell the string you brought in for less than you paid at Sport Chek, you could have saved $13.00 by returning the string to Sport Chek and buying the same string from us. Our technician recommended this, but you declined. In any case, we are pleased that you are satisfied with the service.

  49. Conrad Watson

    Wow. You guys are great. I dropped my racquet off and went for lunch, planning to pick it up after lunch. You called to say it was done before I took the first bite of my burger. Thanks so much. I will definitely be back.

  50. Chow

    You guys are fast, but you are also expensive. Everybody else charges $15.00. You guys charge $20.00. They only reason I went there is cause you were open on Sunday.

    Management response — We do charge $5.00 more than discount stringers, but here are some good reasons why:

    1. We are open 7 days a week.
    2. We are open later than our competitors.
    3. We are faster.
    4. We are better trained.
    5. We have a larger selection of string.
    6. We have free parking.
    7. We offer a two-week warranty on labour.
    8. We are easy to find.

    We also offer a variety of options. Customers who want to save money can choose lower cost options while customers who are in a hurry can choose faster options.

  51. Juri S

    Sorry, I don’t give five stars for anything. But you guys were great. I will be back.

    Management response — No worries. We would rather have the business than the stars anyway. See you soon.

  52. Barry K

    I live in Cochrane. I love the fact that I can drop my racquets off for re-stringing and have you guys ship them to me. Great idea. Thank you.

  53. Tom Jenkins

    I used to go to What’s Your Racquet. But they went out of business. Then I went to the place in Marda Loop. But they close early and they are closed on weekends. So I thought I would give you guys a try. At first I thought it was expensive, but now I understand it’s worth it to me. You are close to me, you are open when I need you and you have everything I could possibly want. Plus your staff and selection are amazing. I have never seen so much string in one place. I have never had such fast and efficient service. I always use your online service now. It’s really easy for me to drop it off with the order wrapped around the handle. Great idea. Thank you.

  54. Kirk W

    I took my racquet to three other places. The first guy kept it for a week before telling me he couldn’t figure out how to string it. The second and third guys took one look and said “no way”. So I took it to Raquet network. The guy took one look and said “no problem” and it was done the same day. I will for sure be back … becasue nobody else knows how to do my racquet.

  55. Jefferson Cox

    I have to say I’m really impressed. I dropped my racquet off on the lunch hour yesterday. When I got home last night, it was sitting on the table with a note from my wife saying you dropped it off before she left for work at 4:00. I paid for one week service, but got it back the same day. I will definitely be back and will be telling my friends about Racquet Network.

  56. Jiang W

    I had my tennis racquet re-strung on December 28. I paid $35.00. On January 8, one of the strings broke so I took it back. The labour was covered by warranty but the string wasn’t. So I had to pay $15.00 to get it restrung again. Not happy that I had to pay for string, but at least the labour was free.

    Management response – Manufacturers do not offer warranty on their strings, but we offer a warranty on our labour. For more info, please see our RACQUET SERVICE POLICES.

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