Yonex Polytour Pro Tennis String

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Yonex ™ Polytour Pro 120
Yonex ™ Polytour Pro 125
Yonex ™ Polytour Pro 130

Our Description

Arm-friendly with comfort feel.

Manufacturer’s Description

Delivers powerful shots, high durability, prolonged repulsion power, comfortable feel and reduces player fatigue.

String Specifications

Key Property: Durability (Comfort)
Material: Polyester (Monofilament)
– 17 (1.20mm)
– 16L (1.25mm)
– 16 (1.30mm)
Colour: Flash Yellow
– 1 String Set

Racquet String Categories

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We are Racquet Stringing Experts

Our Master Stringers are trained by the US Racquet Stringer’s Association.
Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team.
In 2017, members of the Racquet Network custom stringing team were invited to string at the Canadian Open Badminton Championships in Calgary.
In 2018, we strung racquets for professionals at the National Bank Challenger Event in Calgary.

Yonex Stringing Team

Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team. We are invited to string at elite tennis and badminton events. While we cannot attend every event we are invited to, we do our best to help out when such events are in Alberta.

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Product Details

ESW 0.040 kg
ESD 18 × 16 × 1 cm




String Set

String Type

String Gauge

, ,


1.25mm, 1.30mm




Item Type

Core item

5 reviews for Yonex Polytour Pro Tennis String

  1. Racquet Network

    After a few weeks of playing with Yonex Poly Tour Pro, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and how long it lasted. I am a frequent string breaker so this string was recommended to me. I always thought polyester string would be stiff and not very responsive. Thankfully, the control was there, the ball flew very predictably and I did not break the string!
    A fantastic choice for aggressive, big hitting players.

  2. Murray M.

    I have this one of my racquets and Solinco Hyper G in my other one. Same exact racqet. I have been changing back and forth every other game and I have say it is close but I think I like this one even better. Thanks for letting me try it.

  3. Brock Turner

    This is the softest poly I have every played with. At first I thought it was syn gut. I was sure you did my racket wrong but I looked on the string and there was the name. Just like you said. I have been using for about two weeks now which is about 3 hours a day four days a week. So a lot. And I am having no prolbmes and it did not break yet. So good recammending Racket Networks.

  4. CC Calhoon

    Until last week, I would have said Polytour Fire is the best poly I have ever tried. But I think I like this (Pro) even better. It provides and unbelievable amount of power, yet it is able to stand up to my serve without breaking. I have had it in one of my racquets for a month now. At first, it was my backup. Now it is the first one I pull out of my bag. Kudos to Yonex. This one is a big deal for me.

  5. Rosi Brzostowski (verified owner)

    I’ve always used poly, and I do enjoy this string. It adds lots of power and spin to my game.

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