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Racquet String Categories Guide

The are several categories of racquet string. Each has pros and cons. Below is a summary that hits on the main features of each category.

The King of String. Suitable for all racquet sports. Best choice for frequent recreational players over 30. Best overall choice for players with severe or persistent tennis elbow issues. Organic and biodegradable. Lowest environmental impact. Holds tension longer than any other type of string. Maintains elasticity for about 20 hours of play. Not recommended for frequent string breakers.
Sensible choice for most recreational players who cannot afford natural gut. Multi-filament is a synthetic version of natural gut that offers comfort and playability. Suitable for all racquets sports. Maintains elasticity for about 8 hours of play.
Best choice for players on a budget. Most medium- to low-end racquets come from the factory pre-strung with synthetic gut. Maintains elasticity for about 8 hours of play.
Tennis only. Not suitable for squash, racquetball or badminton. Used by most players on the pro tennis tours. Maintains elasticity for about 4 hours of play — which is why pros change racquets so often during matches. Not at all suitable for the vast majority of recreational tennis players. Not at all suitable for players under 16. Not recommended for players of any age with tennis elbow issues. Default option for frequent string breakers on a budget.