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Badminton Racquet Grip Size

Badminton Racquet Grip Size
The grip size of a badminton racquet is a matter of individual preference.
While grip size is critically important in tennis for health and safety reasons, grip size in badminton is largely a matter of individual preference.

Badminton players who like to rally and deceive will usually choose a smaller grip size because this allows them to nimbly switch between forehand and backhand grips as the situation requires. Power players, by contrast, will usually choose a larger grip because this allows them to get a firmer grip on the handle when smashing.

Unlike squash racquets, which are all manufactured with the same grip size, badminton racquets do come in different sizes. These are typically clearly marked on the handles as G2 though to G5.

Unforunately, grip size is not yet standardized. So while G2 indicates the smallest grip size for one brand, it can be the largest grip size for another brand.

Choose a badminton racquet that feels comfortable in your hand. If you are a beginner who does not know how to roll the racquet in your fingers to switch between backhand and forehand grips, avoid purchasing a racquet with a small grip size.

If, however, you have been playing for awhile and you do know when and how to change between forehand and backhand grips, you will want to buy a racquet with a smaller grip.

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