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Best Shoe for Indoor Pickleball in Calgary

Best Shoe for Indoor Pickleball in Calgary
The sole on the left is the best overall type of sole for an indoor pickleball shoe in Calgary.
One of the most common questions we get from Calgary pickleball players is which shoe/sole is best for pickleball in Calgary.

The answer to that question really depends on 1) where you are playing, 2) how often you are playing and 3) the length, width and shape of your foot.

This is why the only we can really answer this question FOR YOU is to meet you and go through the process of a proper court shoe fitting in our southwest Calgary store.

Those specifics aside, however, we can give Calgary pickleball players some basic advice to start with.

First, take a look at the soles in the image above. The one on the left is a simple organic rubber outsole. It makes full contact with the ground across the entire forefoot and the entire heal. The forefoot and the rear foot are made of the same material. The midfoot features a 3D printed stabilizer that prevents the shoe from twisting.

The image on the right is a bit of a mess. There are at least three different grades of rubber in the sole. This means that the heel (grey) has different traction than the forefoot.

The shoe on the right also has several gaps where the sole of the shoe will not be in contact with the ground. And it has multiple edges, which can damage flooring such as mats.

In our expert opinion, the shoe on the left is a much better choice for most Calgary pickleball players than the shoe on the right. Here is why …

The shoe on the left will perform better for pickleball on virtually ever common indoor surface. From the hardwood floors at the Cedarbrae Community Centre to the resin floors of the Crescent Point Field house, the sole on the left provides better traction and will last longer than the shoe on the right.

The sole on the left is also welcome at facilities such as Smash City and Sunridge, while soles like the one on the right are strongly discouraged and often prohibited.

But what about the circle? … doesn’t matter.

But I like this brand … doesn’t matter.

But my friend said … doesn’t matter.

The sole on the left is a better sole for indoor pickleball — end of story.

The sole on the left will provide more traction and more stability and will be welcome in more pickleball facilities than the sole on the right.

If you want to buy the sole on the right because it has a circle or because it’s your favorite brand or because your friend told you something different, that’s entirely up to you.

Our job is to give you good advice and we’ve done that above.