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Custom Tennis Racquets

Most people hear the words “custom tennis racquets” and they immediately think “expensive”. That’s unfortunate. What they should think is “awesome”, as in “something created specifically for me”.

Contrary to popular belief, custom tennis racquets do not cost a lot more than off-the-shelf racquets. In fact, they come in a variety of configurations at a variety of the price points from the simple and inexpensive to the elaborate and moderately expensive.

Let’s be clear. We do not gold plate our custom tennis racquets. All we do is string them, grip them and — sometimes — rebalance them. In our world, all customization really means is filling the frame with the right string for the customer. Beyond that, we are talking about a few inexpensive tweaks that improve performance without breaking the bank.

Below is a collection of custom builds we have done for our clients in recent months. If you browse through them you will see a range in prices from under $70.00 to under $300.00. Whatever your needs are, chances are good that we can custom build something for you, too.

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