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How to Choose a Backyard Badminton Set

Yonex Backard Badminton Set
Yonex Badminton Set
Racquet Network offers a variety of options for families looking for backyard badminton sets. They range in price from about $60.00 to over $400.00, each of which is best for use in a particular context.

Our best general advice to customers who are thinking about getting one is to think first about how it will be used, not about how much it costs. If you think about price first, you may end up buying something you won’t use very often — which is a sure way to blow your money.

The most important component is the net. The net must fit your usage context or it will be a complete waste of your money. For example, if you have small children setting it up and taking it down, you must have a net that they can handle. If you don’t, then they won’t be using it.

Invariably, the least expensive net systems are the hardest to use. They are also the most fragile. With most of these discount systems, if you break one piece you render the whole thing useless. Once again, a total waste of money.

Least Expensive

Our most popular set is the Yonex ™ Backyard Badminton Set. It comes with two nylon poles, two tethers, a net, four racquets and a couple of shuttles for under $100.00. It is best value, but not easiest to use and isn’t easy for kids to set up on their own. This set requires adult set up.

This is a great system as long as adults will be putting it up and as long as it does not have to be moved very often. If you are putting it in the backyard on grass that needs to be mowed, this may not be your best option. If you are setting it up at the cabin on a space that does not need to be mowed, it may be suitable.

The racquets in this set are not full adult length. They are shorter racquets designed for children, perfect for 9-11 year olds. The shuttles in this set are not very good either. If you buy this set, we recommend adding a tube of higher quality shuttles. We also recommend that this set be left to the kids. Nothing is in this set is designed to handle adult power.

Great for Two Kids

Our next most popular options are the Yonex Portable Badminton Net and the Wilson 10′ EZ Net. Both cost more than the set above, but both are fully portable, easy to move and do not require adult participation during setup. Unlike the nylon poles in the set above, these sets feature painted aluminum poles. It is also impossible to put them together wrong.

One downside to these options is that everything has to be purchase separately. The net is one item; the racquets and shuttles are purchased separately. Another downside is that they are only 10 feet wide. They are the perfect size for two kids, but are too small for doubles. If more than two kids will be playing at once, you may want to choose one of the sets below instead.

The plus side for these systems is that they are durable and portable. They are not tied to the ground, so they are easy to move when you need to mow and they store in their own travel bags.

Great for Four Kids

Like the two sets above, this is a highly portable badminton set that is very easy to set up, tear down, move and store. Kids can handle it themselves; adult participation is not required.

Unlike the previous set, this Babolat net is 19 feet wide. So it is wide enough for doubles (four kids or adults). Plus, it can also be used for kids tennis and pickleball. The net poles are adjustable; you can raise the net to maximum height for badminton or lower it for tennis or pickleball.

Great for Schools/Programs

Another popular option is the Qwiknet system. This one is more complicated to put together and probably requires adult participation, but it is fully configurable. You can choose to set it up as either 10 feet wide or 20 feet wide. You can also adjust the height from badminton down to tennis and pickleball.

This system is very durable and is designed for institutional use. It is intended for indoor use, but it can be used outdoors as long as it is not being left outside. If left outside, rain or dew will eventually cause it to rust. So we don’t recommend it for outdoor use.

Final Points

In this category, price can serve as a useful guideline. Any set priced under $100 is probably a toy intended for minimal usage. It’s the kind of thing you might set up for a single event or a single summer and then probably throw away. Anything priced over $100 is probably designed for multiple uses over longer periods of time.