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How to Choose a Prince Tennis Racquet

If you can’t test drive a Prince tennis racquet, you may want to read online reviews.
There are two ways to figure out which Prince ™ tennis racquet is best for you.

The best way is to actually test drive the racquet. That way you get a sense of how it feels and how it performs when it is in your own hands.

If, however, you can’t test drive a racquet, you may have to rely on reading some online reviews. This is clearly not as good as an actual test drive, but it does give you some information to work from.

Our website contains two kinds of reviews. One set of reviews come from customers who have purchased racquets online and have submitted a product review within 30 days in order to get a discount on a future purchase.

These reviews appear under the customer’s name and are generally fairly descriptive.

The other set of racquet reviews you will see on our website appear under the name “Racquet Network” and look something like this:

“John Doe. Demo Card Feedback. 1 JAN 2018.”

This second set of reviews comes from cards that customers fill out after test driving a racquet in our southwest Calgary store. On each of these cards, customers rate each of the racquets they test drive on a scale of one to five stars.

Racquet Network does not alter reviews nor do we care how many stars customers give these racquets. We simply present the information as it is given to us.

When a Prince tennis racquet consistently gets high ratings from many people, it tells you that it is probably a racquet that is easy to get along with.

When a Prince tennis racquet gets inconsistent results, it means that the racquet appeals to players with particular tastes or needs.

When a Prince tennis racquet gets consistently low ratings, it’s probably best to avoid it.

Racquet Network customers test drive more than a thousand racquets a year. So it doesn’t take long for good racquets to emerge as highly popular demos.

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