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Men’s Squash Shoes – Size 13, 14 & 15

Men’s Squash Shoes – Sizes 12-15
Racquet Network offers Calgary’s largest selection of court shoes for all racquet sports, including squash. With more than 2000 cubic feet of dedicated shoe storage, our customers know that it makes sense to start here first.

In addition to common adult sizes for men and women, Racquet Network carries a full range of junior court shoes as well as extra large men’s sizes including sizes 12, 12½, 13, 14 and 15.

Racquet Network also works hard to ensure that we have wide court shoes in stock at all times. In addition to men’s standard widths, we do our best to offer wide and extra wide shoes for men, which is why it is not unusual to see current and former CFL players in our southwest Calgary store.

Wide Court Shoes

Since we opened our first retail store in 2012, Calgarians have come to trust us as the place to go for court shoes of all kinds. This is especially true for customers with wide feet. They know that our shoe buyer works hard to ensure that we have a steady supply of wide court shoes for men and women.

Unfortunately, customers with wide feet have also learned that the overall selection of genuinely wide court shoes is extremely limited in Canada. While people with standard width feet can choose from a panoply of colours and styles, people with wide feet have very few options. And since the sporting goods giants do not offer wide shoes, they can spend a lot of time running around looking for something that only Racquet Network is likely to carry.

Find Out if You Have Wide Feet

Racquet Network experts are trained to fit people correctly. If you have wide feet, we can help you. If you think you might have wide feet, we can help you too. Come and see us. Our experts will help you figure out your true size and width.