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Many people are gullible and you can bet that major sporting goods brands have that figured out.

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Many people are gullible and you can bet that major sporting goods brands have that figured out. They know that players stampede to whatever new racquet their hero is playing with today. That’s why the pros change racquets so often. The more they change, the more they sell. It’s all about endorsement contracts and racquet sales.

In other words, your hero is playing you.

At Racquet Network, we have a different philosophy. We don’t think people should be chasing pros who change racquets every six months. We think that players should be thinking ahead and asking some very important questions. Is this racquet right for me? Will I be able to find replacement parts when I need them two or three years from now?

Box stores and retail giants sell racquets. They don’t sell parts. So players rush out to buy the latest hot racquet and find out six months down the road that they can’t get replacement bumper guards or grommets. So they have to throw their favourite racquet out and go back to the box store for a brand new racquet instead of fixing it with a $20.00 part.

Players who purchase racquets that are included in our Supported Racquets Program avoid these traps because they know that we are committed to carrying parts for these racquets for the entire shelf life of their racquet and for up to three more years after the racquet is discontinued.

Players in our Supported Racquets Program know that they will be able to replace broken grommets and broken bumper guards on their racquets for a very long time. So they know that they have made a good investment and will end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Please visit us in-store to discuss the details of this program.

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