Tecnifibre Carboflex Airshaft (JUNIOR) Squash Racquet

CAD $92.00


Tecnifibre ™ Carboflex Jr

For the young player looking for power, stability and comfort.

Weight: 150 +/-5 g / 5.6 oz
Balance: 245 +/- 5 mm
String: Synthetic Gut Black 1.25 mm
Stringing Pattern: 14 x 18
Construction: Graphite
Head Size: 500 cm2 / 77.5 sq.in.
Cover: 3/4 cover
Grip: PU Tecnifibre

Online Offer

Special Offer
Customers who purchase select Tecnifibre squash racquets online are offered:

  • free shipping option
  • free racquet engraving
  • free racquet cover engraving
  • Customers who want this special must order online. This offer is not available in-store.

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    Racquet Technologies

    Illustration: Tecnifibre Airshaft Squash Racquet Technology
    Tecnifibre Airshaft Squash Racquet Technology
    Illustration: Tecnifibre X-Arms Squash Racquet Technology
    Tecnifibre X-Arms Squash Racquet Technology
    Illustration: Tecnifibre Exteneded String Holes Squash Racquet Technology
    Tecnifibre Exteneded String Holes Squash Racquet Technology

    We are Racquet Stringing Experts

    Our Master Stringers are trained by the US Racquet Stringer’s Association.
    Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team.
    In 2017, members of the Racquet Network custom stringing team were invited to string at the Canadian Open Badminton Championships in Calgary.
    In 2018, we strung racquets for professionals at the National Bank Challenger Event in Calgary.

    Yonex Stringing Team

    Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team. We are invited to string at elite tennis and badminton events. While we cannot attend every event we are invited to, we do our best to help out when such events are in Alberta.

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    Adult Recreation

    Game Group

    Singles & Doubles

    Age Group


    Grip Size

    Head Size

    77.5 sq in (500 sq cm)


    Frame Weight


    Finished Weight





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