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What is Premium Stringing?

Premium stringing services allow customers to make a single trip to the store and have their racquet re-strung for them on the spot. When they arrive in the store, a stringer is waiting to string their racquet. When they leave the store an hour later, they take their racquet with them. It is re-strung and ready to use.

Our premium one-hour service option is best for:

  • players who live far away from the store
  • players who do not have a backup racquet
  • players who are in a hurry

This premium upgrade allows players to jump to the front of the line and costs an additional $20.00 over and above base costs of racquet stringing services.

Free Upgrades

Customers who purchase select premium racquets from us in-store receive a coupon code that allows them 10 free premium upgrades which can be applied to the racquet they have purchased. The total value of these upgrades is $200.00.

What is regular service?

Regular (non-premium) racquet service requires making two separate trips to the store: one to drop your racquet off and another to pick it up. Regular racquet service can take up to one week.

We do have a one-day rush option available, but even one-day service requires two trips to the store.