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Where to Play Pickleball in Calgary

Competitive PickleballIt is important to understand the difference between recreation and competition.

RECREATIONAL PICKLEBALL — All drop in pickleball programs in Calgary fall into the recreational category. Recreational pickleball occurs when a large group of players get together for a fixed amount of time. Doubles teams are made up on the fly from the pool of players present. Scores are kept during games but no record is kept once the games end.

COMPETITIVE PICKLEBALL is different. It features both scorekeeping and record keeping. Doubles teams are usually fixed and players stick together for multiple matches. Game scores and match results are recorded and become part of each participant’s history. Past results are then tabulated in order to determine each participant’s ranking compared to other participants.

The primary focus of this community is on creating a competitive structure for pickleball so that it can begin the process of transitioning from a recreation to a recognized sport.


In order to play pickleball competitively, players/teams must be able to book courts and play full matches. The facilities below offer players the opportunity to do this.

Woodborough Park Outdoor 36 Woodborough Rd SW Members only 403-238-1611
Foothills Athletic Park Outdoor 2915 24 Ave NW Open to Public 403-268-3800
Oakridge Racquet Club Outdoor 9504 Oakfield Dr SW Members only 403-238-0007
West Hillhurst Health Club Outdoor 1940 6 Ave NW Members only 403-283-0464

Competitive players who want to see pickleball make a successful transition from a recreational activity to an official sport are strongly encouraged to support these facilities by purchasing memberships and engaging in meaningful competitive activities on a regular basis.


Programs for Competitive Pickleball

Cedarbrae Community Centre – Phone number: 403-251-2101

This facility features a strong competitive pickleball program led by the coaches of the Calgary Pickelball Academy.


We are now starting a list of places with drop-in pickleball in Calgary. If you are aware of a drop-in program that should be added to the list below, please let us know and we will add it.

Southland Leisure Centre

Southland Leisure Centre is currently offering an all-levels-welcome pickleball program on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 8:00-11:00am. Racquet Network staff are attending this program on a regular basis. This is a no-strings-attached-program. Players do not have to join Track It Hub to play here. Admission is paid at the door. Up to eight courts are available, although four are set up on most days. The level on most days ranges from 1.0 to 3.5 with the majority of players being women.

Please do not call the store asking about these programs. We do not have information about rates or times. Please call these facilities directly.

Bowness Community Centre – Phone number: 403-288-8300

Pickleball court bookings are currently available by waitlist only using a form on their website. Immediate play opportunities at the Bowness Community Association are available through the third party organizations Calgary Pickleball and Pickleball Connect. Visit for more information.

Briar Hill/Hounsfield Heights Community Centre – Phone number: 403-282-6634

The Briar Hill/Hounsfeild Heights Community Centre offers weekly drop-ins open to all players. The centre has three hardwood courts. Drop-in typically attracts around 15 people. A Drop-in fee is required but discounts are available for seniors. Contact the community centre for dates/times. 403-282-6634.

Cedarbrae Community Centre – Phone number: 403-251-2101

The Cedarbrae Community Centre offers daily drop-ins for a variety of levels during the indoor season (September until May, depending on weather). A variety of drop-ins are available, including beginner drop-in, men’s and ladies only drop-in, and open drop-in. A drop-in fee is required, but discounts are available for monthly passes and Cedarbrae community members. Three indoor courts. Visit for more information.

Cranston Community Center – Phone number: 403-781-6614

The Cranston Community Centre offers weekly drop-in pickleball open to all. A drop-in fee is required. Anyone is welcome. Three courts. Multipurpose floors. Beginner to intermediate level. The pickleball program is run by the community centre staff. Workshops and clinics for beginners are also offered periodically. Contact the community centre staff for more info and for dates/times. 403-781-6614.

Haysboro Community Centre – Phone number: 403-253-1563

The Haysboro community centre has two outdoor hard court tennis courts with lines for pickleball. There are no drop-in times and players will have to arrange their own partners. The courts are reserved for Haysboro community members, but anyone can buy a Haysboro membership. Contact the community centre for more info. 403-253-1563.

Lake Mackenzie Community Centre – Phone number: 403-257-1823

The Lake Mackenzie Community Centre offers weekly drop-ins during the indoor season (approx. Sept-May) open to all. The community centre has 3 hardwood courts and one court is reserved during drop-ins for beginners. Loaner paddles and balls are provided for beginners but non-marking court shoes are required. A drop-in fee is required. Indoor drop-in is open to all. Lake Mackenzie also has 6 outdoor pickleball courts for use in the summer, but the outdoor courts are only available for lake members and guests. Contact the community centre for more info. 403-257-1823.

Mid-Sun Community Centre – Phone number: 403-254-8058

The Mid-Sun Community Centre offers drop-in pickleball on a weekly basis during the indoor season (September-June). The community centre has six courts. The baselines in the gym have very little separation from the walls, so it is a common practice at Mid-Sun for people to serve from inside the baseline. A drop-in fee is required. Clinics are also periodically offered for a fee. Both Lake Sundance and Lake Midnapore have outdoor pickleball courts, but the outdoor courts are for lake members and guests only.

Oakridge Community Centre – Phone number: 403-238-0007

The Oakridge Commuity Centre offers weekly drop-in pickleball during the outdoor season (May-September). The club has 14 hard court pickleball courts. A drop in fee is required, but discounts are available for Oakridge community members. The drop in players are mostly beginner to intermediate level, but there are a small number of competitive players. The Oakridge Community Centre also hosts the largest pickleball tournament of the year in Calgary, the Alberta Open, annually in mid-June. contact the community centre for dates/times. 403-238-0007.

West Hillhurst Health Club – Phone number: 403-283-0464

The West Hillhurst community centre offers a wide variety of pickleball drop-ins on a daily basis for players of all different levels. There are many drop-ins for beginners and intermediates throughout the week and at least one time slot reserved weekly for competitive players. The club also offers clinics and lessons periodically. The community centre has indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. A drop-in fee is required to use their courts, but monthly and yearly memberships are available for community association members at discounted rates. The weekly schedule is posted on the community association’s website: Contact the community centre for more info. 403-283-0464

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