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Foggy Squash Goggles

Sport Mate Anti-Fog Wipes
Sport Mate Anti-Fog Wipes
Question: During long squash matches, my squash goggles often fog up. What can I do to stop this?

Not all goggles are created equal. Nor is every design well-suited to every player. Players who play hard or who sweat a lot during squash matches occasionally have trouble with foggy goggles.

For these players, it is important to begin with goggles that do not fit too snugly to their faces. Space is needed on the sides and at the top of the frame. This will prevent hot, moist air from being trapped behind the lenses.

Players can also take steps to better regulate their body temperatures to avoid excessive, and sometimes dangerous, overheating. Modern squash clothing, for example, is made of technologically advanced materials that wick moisture away from the body. Crew neck tee shirts also trap heat more than v-necked shirts or collared shirts.

Another problem that often contributes to foggy goggles is sweat from the forehead running down behind the lenses into the player’s eyes. This is easily prevented with a head band. Players who sweat excessively should carry several of them in their squash bag and change it as needed during their match.

Players with persistent foggy goggle trouble should also develop the habit of removing their goggles and towelling their faces off frequently. In most cases, the fog that appears on the insides of the lenses forms between points and between games. Toweling off will cool the skin and remove the moisture that is causing their goggles to fog.