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How to Raise Funds for Your Club

If you are reading this, it is probably because your club is affiliated with Racquet Network under our Sponsorship Credits Program and somebody at your club wants you to understand how this program works.

How it Works

You are a member of an affiliated racquet sports club. Therefore part of your online purchases are rebated back to your home club every time you make an online purchase.

This super simple online system makes fundraising easy for affiliated clubs whose players shop at Racquet Network.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Players only need to remember two things.

1. Purchase online through this website.
2. Choose your club’s name from the list of affiliates when you place your order.

If you want to avoid shipping charges and just want to pick your order up in our store, choose LOCAL PICKUP from the list of shipping options. Or you can choose to have the order shipped to you.

We do the rest.

How Clubs Redeem Sponsorship Credits

At the end of the year, your club will have a number of accumulated sponsorship credits that they can spend on court equipment or prizes for tournaments or prizes for silent auctions or anything they choose.

The number of credits is entirely up to the members of your club who shop on

Help with Fundraising

Racquet Network gets fundraising requests from more than 200 clubs from across Canada every year. This program makes fundraising super simple for clubs of every size.

It is especially simple for clubs right here in Calgary because they already have members who shop here regularly anyway.

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