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Which Yonex Astrox is Best for Me?

Yonex Astrox Flash Boost Badminton Racquet

Which Yonex Astrox is Best for Me?

There are several racquets in the Astrox series for men, women and teens at all levels. This provides an overview and a starting point for considering which are good fits for you.

Overall, this is a head heavy series. It replaces the old Voltric series which is now obsolete.

The Astrox series features upgraded materials and enhanced engineering. But like the Voltric series before it, the Astrox series is designed for players who like to smash. It is also for players who who tend to hit most of their shots from the middle to the back of the court.

Chart produced by Yonex summarizing their Astrox series of badminton racquets
Enlarge this chart to see what Yonex recommends for their Astrox series.

Advanced to Elite Players

Big, strong and/or athletic players who are fully capable of hitting out of bounds from any where on the court tend to play with stiff and extra stiff shafts. The racquets in the Astrox series with stiff and extra stiff shafts are the Astrox 99, Astrox 88D, Astrox 88S, and Astox 9.

Players in this group tend to be in the top 10% of all players. Most are men, but some ladies and elite teens fit into this category as well.

Intermediate to Advanced Players

Recreational players who are not capable of hitting the backhand corner to corner clear out of bounds with a stiff racquet may will usually choose to play with racquets with medium flex shafts. The Astrox series racquets with medium flex shafts include the Astrox 77, Astrox 7 and Astrox 55.

The group of players includes most recreational level men who play regularly, stronger recreational level women, advanced teens and advanced seniors.

New to Intermediate Players

This category includes most recreational level ladies, teens and seniors. Players in this group have difficulty hitting the shuttle out the back of the opposition baseline when standing on their own baseline, especially on the backhand. Astrox series racquets built for this group included Astrox 66, Astrox 6, Astrox 5 Astrox 2.

Yonex Astrox Series